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Rachel Max

Actor/Singer/Voice Actor

About Me

About Rachel

 Rachel is a passionate artist based in Long Island, New York. Rachel holds both a BFA in acting from Adelphi University as well as a Classical Acting Semester Diploma from LAMDA.

Rachel is trained in Linklater, Alexander Technique, verse, and various forms of stage combat (SAFD Certified). 

There's more to Rachel than just acting. Rachel is an avid player of DnD, one of her favorite hobbies. Additionally, she loves traveling both in game as well as IRL. One of her favorite things to do is find new and exciting foods to bring home and try with her friends and loved ones. Rachel is also obsessed with dogs, as well as any other cute and fluffy animals. She is that person who will stop you in the street, look at you with big eyes, and beg you to pet your pup. Most days you can find her in either a coffee shop, cappuccino in hand, or at her rock climbing gym 15 feet up, without a harness, and upside down. She is always ready to try something new and take on the next challenge.

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